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Zenflow Inc.

Zenflow was founded in 2014 by a team of Stanford University Biodesign Fellows working in collaboration with top global urologists. After witnessing patients’ frustration with existing treatment options, the founders made it their mission to find a better solution to this large unmet clinical need.

We’ve worked with CoSec since we set up our Australian subsidiary. Hearing about CoSec’s offerings made the decision to set up an Australian sub a no-brainer. CoSec offers the full range of services that cover everything required to manage an Australian subsidiary and stay compliant. Nobody else we could find made it so easy and seamless. The CoSec team was also great to work with since day one.

We’ve been able to run our Australian subsidiary with little effort and obtain the R&D benefits we had hoped to see, all with little effort required from our end. I’ve recommended CoSec to many other US-based companies looking to do work in Australia, and I’ll continue to do so.

Nick Damaiano

The Problem

Zenflow understood the benefits of conducting clinical trials in Australia, but were hesitant to do, with little knowledge on navigating the Australian business and regulatory environment.

The Solution

CoSec made this complex process easy. We supported Zenflow with a full range of services covering everything life sciences companies need to manage an Australian subsidiary and stay compliant.


Zenflow have been able to run their Australian subsidiary seamlessly, and have obtained the R&D benefits the company had hoped for with the support of CoSec. They successfully commenced their Australian clinical trial in 2019, which is ongoing.

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