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US TravelTech Client

CoSec are incredibly professional and thorough. They helped us regarding compliance with Australian laws and regulations. They were very reliable, and I was most impressed by their professionalism throughout the process.

Lead Counsel, APAC

The Problem

The client had established an Australian subsidiary company, but they needed assistance to navigate the Australian regulatory environment and to comply with Australian laws. They needed a Resident Director they could trust, as well as a company secretary and a corporate registered office in Australia.

The Solution

CoSec was able to support their Australian expansion by providing an experienced Resident Director and Company Secretary with in-depth knowledge and experience of the Australian legal and compliance landscape.


The client was delighted with the thorough, professional and reliable services CoSec provided to manage their compliance with Australian laws and regulations. Subsequently, the company decided to chose CoSec for support with similar services for a second Australian subsidiary.

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