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Blade Therapeutics

Blade Therapeutics is advancing innovative anti-fibrotic therapies to meet currently unserved patient needs. Several rare/orphan and chronic debilitating conditions manifest with fibrosis, a complex, pathologic process in which healthy cells are replaced by progressively worsening scar tissue (fibrosis). They are committed to developing disease modifying and lifesaving treatments.

CoSec is a great business partner to work with. They offer a one-stop service to cover everything required to manage an Australian subsidiary.

Having worked with CoSec in two R&D incentive applications, I highly recommend CoSec to other biotech companies who are considering setting up a subsidiary in Australia.

CoSec has been instrumental in guiding us successfully through the R&D Tax Incentive program to conduct clinical trials in Australia. Even though I had prior experience in applying this program, I have relied heavily reply on CoSec to keep our company compliant and up to date with local changes.

Shirley Chiang
VP Finance, Blade Therapeutics

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