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Cosec Corporate Services acquired by Acclime

CoSec is delighted to announce that we have been acquired by leading international corporate services provider  Acclime in a strategic move by both companies to expand operations internationally.  

Acclime has a strong and growing presence in nine key Asian jurisdictions including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Now, with the addition of CoSec, Acclime’s  network extends into Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.  

This is a new chapter for all of us and we are excited to be part of a large international team.  

CoSec’s clients will continue to receive the same dedicated service from the same expert team, with access to  deeper resources and regional experts who can help navigate complex Asian markets.  

Acclime shares many of our values and this was an important factor in our decision to join their group of  companies. Like us, they go the extra mile and are absolutely committed to creating genuine, collaborative  partnerships with clients seeking to expand in new markets. We also both understand that our inherent value is  our people. 

“Australia is a trading nation and a high-growth destination for foreign investment. Twelve of its 15  largest markets are in Asia and Oceania, showing how integrated Australia’s economy is with its Asian  neighbours. Having a strong footprint in Australia – an integral and desirable market in the Asia-Pacific  region – is critical to our expansion plan. CoSec fits perfectly with what we do at Acclime – assisting  clients to expand and succeed in whichever Asian market they choose to enter and operate within.”
Martin Crawford, Co-founder and CEO of Acclime. 

“This is the logical next step for CoSec and presents a strategic opportunity to be part of a larger  international team with established resources and networks across Acclime’s established Asian  portfolio. We are excited at the opportunities that lay ahead and the value we can deliver to Acclime’s  clients through our presence and deep understanding of the Australian, US and UK markets.” 
Blair Lucas, Co-founder and CEO of CoSec. 

“Each market has its own complex corporate and compliance regimes which are difficult to navigate  for companies who are looking to expand into new regions. As a result of this strategic integration, our  clients can benefit from a wider spectrum of professional services and gain access to regional experts  to help them navigate complex emerging Asian markets.”  
Paul Dixon, Co-founder and CFO of CoSec. 

CoSec will continue to operate under our current brand until 31 May 2021, at which time we will formally  transition to Acclime. Our office addresses and phone numbers will remain the same, however please note there  will be a change to our email address in the coming months as we transition to Acclime. 

We are sincerely thankful to our clients and colleagues for your continued support and we look forward to  working with you in the year ahead. 


Acclime, the premier corporate services provider in Asia, helps corporate and private clients to advance their  businesses and interests in difficult-to-navigate markets in emerging Asia. The company’s vision is to reinvent  the corporate services sector with innovative solutions that are seamlessly delivered to the highest global  standards.  

For further information, please visit www.acclime.com