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CoSec Launches New Website and Corporate Identity

Blair Lucas
Co-Founder & CEO

On 6 April 2020, we launched our new name ‘CoSec Corporate Services’, a new corporate identity and a new website.

Our new image represents a culmination of almost a year’s work of reflection and focus on the services and value we deliver to both our valued clients and partners. After nearly nine years since the establishment of Cosec, we believe this new brand is an accurate representation of how our company has matured into the focused, agile and astute business it is today. It also underpins the values and philosophies around how we do business – as efficiently, cost-effectively, and simply as we can.


Our Company Name

We have changed our name to ‘CoSec Corporate Services’, better reflecting the services we have offered since launching our standard Service Packages for inbound clients in 2015 – providing a turnkey compliance solution for our clients. We have also expanded our service offering to include a host of additional compliance and governance functions.


Our new Corporate Identity

Our new corporate identity presents a more progressive image for the company and is an acknowledgement of our evolution into CoSec Corporate Services. It represents our focus on delivering practical solutions for our clients and speaks to the opportunities we offer our clients in expanding their business into new markets. It will also play a significant role in our expansion activities as we too move into new markets.


Our Website

We are very excited to announce that our new website www.cosec.com.au is now live. This is a direct outcome of the work we have been doing around the value we provide our customers, and focuses on communicating this clearly and succinctly. It gives a fantastic overview of the services we provide to help our clients set up and manage their businesses when expanding into either Australia or the USA. We also hope it becomes a valuable resource of information for companies interested in expanding into these markets. It also has a host of information to help new and current clients understand the compliance and business landscape in Australia.


Business As Usual at CoSec 

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, it is business as usual for CoSec and the launch of our new name, brand and website was always scheduled for an early 2020 launch. Our cloud-based working environment – used both internally and for our clients – has ensured uninterrupted service delivery. Our business model of working remotely to establish and manage virtual companies is proving valuable for our clients in the changed business conditions that we find ourselves in.


Blair Lucas
Co-Founder & CEO


About CoSec 

Established in 2011, CoSec provides a full suite of incorporation and compliance and accounting services to support the successful expansion of offshore businesses into the Australian market. 

Our capabilities include company incorporation, corporate compliance, accounting and tax support and outsourced CFO services. CoSec has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, with representatives based in San Francisco and London.