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Resident Directors & Officers

Qualified, experienced and Australian-based appointees.

Your responsibility as a director

If you are a director, you are responsible for managing the affairs of your company. You must comply with your legal obligations as a director under the Corporations Act 2001 , even if you appoint an agent to look after your company’s affairs.

Your CoSec Company Officers

CoSec will appoint an experienced and Australian-based Resident Director, Company Secretary and Resident Public Officer to expertly manage your compliance, legislative and regulatory requirements.

Your CoSec Resident Director

This appointee will provide services that are required to be performed by a local director, including:

Your legal responsibilities include

Your CoSec Resident Company Secretary

This appointee will provide a complete range of corporate governance and compliance services, including:

Your CoSec Resident Public Officer

This appointee will act as liaison with the ATO in:

How CoSec can help

Our core services encompass the full spectrum of market and jurisdictional compliance. With CoSec, you have the confidence that all your compliance and governance needs are completely met.

Contact CoSec to get started

For more details on your responsibilities as a Director, and what services CoSec Directors can manage for you, download our Fact Sheet.