R&D Advisory Services

As Australia moves to replace its reliance on natural resources with a more futureproof focus on human capital, the Australian Government is offering a generous series of financial benefits for companies keen to partner in the country’s ‘innovation agenda’.

Part of this push includes attractive tax rebates and incentives for overseas companies that undertake all or part of their research and development in Australia. For biotech and technology companies with an annual turnover of less than A$20 million, this includes a 45% rebate for all eligible R&D expenditure incurred in Australia or undertaken by Australian research service providers.

These generous incentives are available for any eligible R&D spending above A$20,000 by a company or foreign-owned subsidiary registered in Australia. This includes R&D activities undertaken by third parties, such as clinical research organisations, and even in some cases, activities conducted overseas in direct support of core R&D activities in Australia.

As part of CoSec’s strengthened commitment to the biotech and innovation sectors, we have appointed one of the country’s leading R&D specialists as a dedicated advisor for clients in these fast-growing areas.

Backed by CoSec’s experienced team at our Melbourne headquarters, our R&D Advisor will help you uncover and optimise your entitlement to all benefits related to your R&D spending – from the eligibility of your company and specific R&D activities, to registration with relevant authorities, preparation of documentation, and completion of claims within your Australian tax return.

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