Mateus Nolasco

Mateus Nolasco - CoSec Director

CoSec Director

BComm (F&A), CA ANZ

Mateus Nolasco is an accomplished entrepreneur with a track record in founding and managing a wide range of R&D companies and tech-savvy start-ups. A member of the Institutes of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand, Brazil-born Mateus has held executive and non-executive directorships in several companies across the media, technology, biotech and not-for-profit sectors.

Soon after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Flinders University, Mateus co-founded Insider Publishing, a pioneering media house that produces a variety of student publications in China and Australia – where it is regarded as the national leader in international student publishing. He is also a director of the Good Thnx Foundation, which is promoting a technology to reduce charity fundraising costs, and Renew Adelaide, a non-profit providing commercial properties to South Australian entrepreneurs at no cost.

From 2009 to 2013, Mateus worked at Grant Thornton Australia, where he provided advisory services to large private, public and foreign-owned companies as well as high net worth individuals. He recently combined his accounting and technology skills in a new venture, Blank Financial Technology, which is developing a proprietary software for modelling financial data for specialised accountancy functions.



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