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CoSec Consulting is a boutique firm of experienced and passionate governance professionals, offering a suite of end-to-end corporate, compliance and statutory secretarial services. 

We are proud to be exhibiting at Bio Korea 2017

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With some of the brightest minds in the business, it’s no wonder that hundreds of companies trust us to manage and represent them in Australia.



Managing your Australian business can be hard work... so our team of seasoned legal and corporate advisors is available 24/7.

There’s the complex web of regulatory and reporting requirements: Tax returns. Activity statements. Annual reports. Compliance with ASIC and the ASX. Shareholder communications. Sometimes it’s a wonder you have time to do any business at all.

Rest easy. There’s a place you can go that understands all your compliance and governance needs, and thrives on the toughest commercial challenges, and the most rigorous legislative demands. That place is CoSec Consulting.  


NEW! CoSec Directors

CoSec Directors represents a new departure for Australian corporate services: a platform dedicated to providing authoritative, highly qualified directors who will create a solid foundation for high-potential foreign-owned companies in Australia.

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We have the experience to handle your requirements.


CoSec’s broad compliance and commercial management expertise supports a variety of public and private companies in more than 15 countries – in sectors ranging from biotechnology and renewable resources, to property, catering, clothing, and Internet security.


In line with our strong Asian focus, all of CoSec’s consulting staff are bilingual, with a particular expertise in Mandarin and Cantonese.


CoSec’s senior consultants are based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and supported by a growing network of management consultants and business analysts across the region.


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A succinct article about the requirement of Australian companies to have a director who is an Australian Resident.……

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